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Going Home

In the month of February I embarked on a lifetime event and traveled home...Egypt.

It was a beautiful and spiritual journey that was life changing. I was reborn again energetically with a new and heightened vibration. The experience itself was so beautifully enlightening that words cannot express the transformation that I had. However, it can be experienced in your reiki session. I have also incorporated some of my experiences from Egypt into my Reiki especially Egyptian oils and their healing effects.

I was able to take part in an oils class that worked in collaboration with the chakras, so I can apply these oils to help assist in your reiki session where need be. There are specific oils that correspond to each chakra that assist in unbocking or healing those areas. I have been working with my current clients during their sessions and the results have been very positive (not required but offered). I also have a new module that deals in sound therapy that is in the works as we speak; more news to follow in that area.

I hope that you all are living your best life with high vibrations; and if you are in need of assistance with this, I am here to help. Here's to many blessing and living your best life stress free and shining bright.

Love and Light!


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