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About Jovan

I began my Reiki training in Reno, with direct lineage under Mikao Usui, who was the promotor of the

spiritual practice of Reiki, teaching over 2000 people

in his lifetime.  I then proudly founded

Reiki 4 the Whole Body in 2016.  


About ten years ago, I was searching for support to help me heal past wounds and stay grounded.  One of the most amazing things about my Reiki journey has been the realization that my past was part of my journey and does not define who I am today or the person I want to be in the future.  Talk about powerful!

Reiki became an essential piece of my daily living,  

overall positively transforming my life.

My goal with each client is to achieve and surpass the values established by Dr. Mikao Usui, i.e., "Just for today. . ." listed on the Home page.  I want to inspire each client

to go out and share these values with those they come in contact with in their own world.



A More Personal Note~

I am the wife of a super great (?) husband, the mother of two moody (yet lovable!) teens, and NAME our family Labrador.  Our lives are full with school, art, soccer, OTHER SPORTS (?) .  I know what it is like to try and fit

wellbeing into my everyday life!  


My clients are one of my favorite parts of what I do.  I take a personal interest in each one. 

Sessions vary from individual, to an entire family, (including the family dog!). 


**I also clear energy from homes, apartments,

property and offices. 

I treat each person with love, respect and honesty.

I love being a Reno native.  Our high desert landscape makes it is easy for me to connect with nature and the things I love; skiing, hiking and biking. 

But a night in with the family with a good movie or

board game is just as cherished. 

I also love to unwind with friends with a delicious dinner,

or a relaxing spa day.

JOVAN THWEATT REIKI MASTER The benefits of this type of therapy include: Stress Reduction, Relaxation, Reduction in Muscle Tension, Decreases Pain, Reduced Nausea, Sleep Improvement, Accelerates Healing and Psychological Healing.  See how Reiki can help you.

- Jovan

I can't wait to share the peace Reiki brings you
I love watching your own realizations and tranformation~

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