What People Are Saying

Erica M.

Jovan is a master at her craft!  Warm and welcoming.  I am new to Reiki, so was unsure what to expect. 


She is incredibly knowledgeable and puts me at ease.  One of the best decisions I could have made for my physical and emotional health.

Theresa W.

I have been going to Jovan once a month for about a year and a half. She has really helped me reduce stress. I also take my son who has Dyslexia. He is borderline ADHD. He is very comfortable with her. His focus has improved, and he looks forward to our monthly visits. I highly recommend Reiki with Jovan. She is wonderful!

Devon W.

I experienced a meditative state of mind and body.  I felt flushes of energy releasing with lovely vibrational sensations.

I saw a gorgeous purple energy and a white light.

At the end of the session, my body felt so light and my mind was free.

Alana H.

Working with Jovan has been transformative for me, especially while running my business.


I am able to truly receive the self-care I need through my sessions with Jovan. She is kind, gentle, and astute in providing Reiki.


My husband and 9 year-old love receiving her Reiki sessions too! 

Vic R.

Without Jovan's evergy work the last few years, I would still be hangin' on to a lot of burdens and barriers.  Mom has Alzheimer's. I have been her caregiver for over 13 years. It am now faced with designing ia new life...from scratch. 


Jovan's gift, together with my own emotional and spiritual work, has me moving through and past my personal debilitating beliefs. 


I treasure my partnership with Jovan. I am grateful every single day for Reiki. 

Eric W.

“I can honestly feel Jovan moving the energy in my body – warm sensations, swirling sensations and deep, deep peace.” 

The tension in my shoulders and kink in my neck were gone!


It was a serene and beautiful experience, and this sensation lasts too! 


Jovan is intuitive and skillful in harmonizing energies.

Kris G.

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